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Crossed Flag Pins FAQ - Frequently asked questions

point.gifWhat is the minimum order quantity for Friendship Pins in customized country combinations?

The minimum order quantity for Crossed Flag Pins in customized country combinations is 100 pieces. Further information can be found under Prices.

point.gifCan Friendship Pins be delivered in any country combination?

Virtually all national flags can be realized in customized designs. Please inform us of your desired country combination for Crossed Flag Pins (e.g. Denmark Flag left, USA Flag right).

point.gifAre Friendship Pins also available with customized motifs?

This question is difficult to answer with a yes or no. Please first send us the motif that you plan to use. We would be happy to check the feasibility and give you a customized quotation for Crossed Flag Pins as necessary.

point.gifWhich templates or formats are required for producing Friendship Pins with customized motifs?

Where possible we require PC-compatible vectorized file formats (e.g. .AI, .FH, .EPS or .PDF). If these are not available, .tif or .jpg files with a minimum resolution of 600 dpi are also suitable. Please enquire about other templates or formats.

If you have any further questions we would be happy to advise you!

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