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Crossed Flag Pins Guinea-Franconia

Crossed-Flag-Pins Guinea-Franconia
Crossed-Flag-Pins Guinea-Franconia
Crossed-Flag-Pins Guinea-Franconia Online Shop

Friendship Pins with the flags of Guinea and Franconia

The above illustration shows a Crossed Flag Pin with the Guinea flag on the left and the Franconian flag on the right.
Friendship Pins are also available in the reverse grouping of flags: the Franconia flag on the left hand side with the Guinean flag next to it.

Small badges often speak louder than big words.

Crossed Flag Pins: Guinea-Franconia, size approx. 22 mm, hard-enamel, gold-plated, with butterfly clutch, in individual packaging.

Our Crossed Flag Pins - symbols of solidarity with a powerful message!

Friendship Pins with customized designs using virtually any combination of flags can also be realized. Further information, sample prices and delivery times can be found at

Please also check out our Special Offer, these crossed flag pins are available from stock and there is no minimum order quantity.

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